7.5 tonne Renault

Our 7.5 tonne lorries are ideal for getting to residential properties to pick-up/drop-off pallets. They are just a little bit smaller so are able to get down narrow streets and lanes.

19.5 tonne Scania

The workhorse of our palletised cargo fleet of trucks. Very reliable and efficient. Suitable for most pickups and collections from business premises. These lorries also have pallet trucks for manual loading/unloading.

26 tonne Scania

The 'six-wheeler' (actually it has 10, but who's counting). Our 26 tonne lorries allow us up to pickup much heavier loads such as huge bags of grain and bulk liquid containers. We can also fit a few more pallets on as the 26 tonne vehicle is longer than the 19.5 tonne lorries.

Volvo Tractor Units

Volvo tractor units.

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If it's on a pallet, we can handle it. UK, Europe & Worldwide pallet delivery.

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We're going to be taking delivery of 3 brand new tractor units soon. Watch out for the photos - they will be posted to the website soon!

The tractor units are Volvos and have been painted up in the new CDL/Palletline livery - look out for them on the road and give them a wave if you see them!